FIFO™ Bottle 32oz

Easy to fill and allowing for proper food rotation, the 32oz FIFO™ Bottle is a dispensing container suitable for our waffle and crepe 'add water only' mixes, or an array of melted chocolates and sauces.

The FIFO™ (First In First Out) Bottle allows servers to quickly distribute toppings, sauces and dressings and is quick and easy to clean.

First in, first out – Ensure correct food rotation with FIFO™ Bottle’s bottom dispensing design.

Fast Dispensing – Gravity pulls sauce down towards the valve, eliminating the need to bang bottles on the counter and ensuring the sauce is always ready to dispense.

Reduce waste – Bottom dispensing greatly reduces the amount of wasted sauce left behind.

Easy to clean – Dual openings make for easy cleaning.

Contains one (1) FIFO™ Bottle, one (1) dispensing cap, one (1) yellow medium dispensing valve and one (1) label cap.

NSF Certified; FIFO CB32-220-6

Capacity: 32oz

Diameter: 3.42”(87mm)

Height: 8.03”(204mm)


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