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No Cocoa? No Problem. How to Substitute Sephra Chocolate Chips for Cocoa

Out of cocoa powder, but have a delicious chocolate recipe that calls for it?

How To Fountain Cheese Fondue

Are you out of fresh, fun party ideas for the holiday season? Got a chocolate fountain? Then how about cheese fondue?

3 Easy Easter Desserts Guaranteed to Wow

With Easter around the corner, excitement builds as we look forward to getting together with loved ones and enjoying all the festive fun. And let's be real, who doesn't get giddy about the abundance of Chocolate and sweet treats that come with Easter?

Exploring the Many Ways to Use Sephra Topping Sauces

Sephra Topping Sauces are a delicious and versatile condiment. Whether you're a professional pastry chef, a home baker, or someone with a sweet tooth, understanding the many ways to use our Topping Sauces can take your dessert game to the next level. Given that March is celebrated as 'Sauce Month', there's no better time to explore the vast array of possibilities our sauces offer! There is a huge range of Sephra Topping Sauce flavors available, let me talk you through them all.

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Chocolate Covered Bacon - Strangest Foods Dipped into Chocolate

Chefs and chocolate lovers are constantly experimenting with chocolate. After all, you never know what might taste great covered in chocolate until someone is brave or creative enough to try it. Although these bizarre chocolate dipped treats might not make it onto traditional dessert menus, they are finding their ways into willing mouths everywhere.


In Mississippi, Quad-City chef Jeff Grunder has been busy creating chocolate-covered bacon treats. In 2009, Grunder collaborated to develop chocolate-covered bacon skewers, of which he sold 30,000 at two local fairs: the Mississippi Valley Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair. He plans to make a splash this year with a take on chocolate-covered bacon with gooey chocolate chip bacon cookies. Grunder says he just wants to give hungry fair-goers something new to snack on. He also offers a fresh take on traditional moon pies by dunking them in fresh, warm chocolate and sprinkling a healthy layer of freshly friend bacon bits and nuts. Grunder claims the vanilla filling complements the smokiness of the bacon and predicts they’ll be best sellers.

Dipping Bacon in the Chocolate Fountain?

Many of the chocolate fountain rental companies who use our fountains and chocolate have had interesting experiences with bacon being served as a dipping item. Typically, you have your strawberries, marshmallows, creams puffs, etc. Every now and again a caterer will bring out a huge tray of bacon (as ordered by the bride, or whoever is hosting event. And BAM! Before you can say chocolate covered strawberry - it's gone! Guests go crazy for the chocolate covered bacon. Even though it may not sound appealing at first, that combo of sweet and savory cannot be beat. So the next time you're racking your brain for something out of the ordinary at a chocolate fountain rental event or family party - break out the bacon!

Julia Roberts Serves Chocolate-Covered Crickets

Well, if Hollywood isn’t completely ready, Julia Roberts is ready to introduce all her friends to this unusual chocolate treat! Roberts hosted a dinner party, where she presented platters of chocolate-covered crickets to her guests. Although a source at the party attributes this gesture as typical Roberts’ style and says she is always trying new things, the source also claims that Roberts was just about the only guest who indulged in this particular chocolate treat. Maybe Hollywood isn’t quite ready for that kind of chocolate decadence just yet.

Chocolate and Chicken Skins?

Although many professed chocoholics might claim that chocolate would taste great on anything, chicken skins might not have been uppermost in their minds at the time. However, Dominique Persoone, a Belgian chef known for his outrageous chocolate combinations and creations, introduced chocolate biscuits encrusted with chicken skins or gribenes – meaning chicken skins fried until crisp. This treat was introduced at the Paris Chocolate Show along with another interesting chocolate treat: chocolate-dipped cheese balls, which are apparently the new pairing for red wine. The world of chocolate is constantly evolving, and those creative enough to try seemingly outrageous chocolate combinations just might discover the next chocolate craze to sweep around the world. You just never know what chocolate-covered delight is right around the next corner.

Chocolate Fountain - How much Chocolate do I need?

One of the questions we're commonly asked here at Sephra about our is how much is needed to flow properly at rental events and parties. If you work in the rental or catering business, you'll want to know the answer too – especially if you want to advise your clients. If you are hosting your own chocolate fountain party at home, knowing the right quantity is just as imperative! Of course, it depends on the size of your fountain how much it will need to curtain effectively.

Which chocolate fountain do you have?

Your Sephra fountain needs a minimum amount of to create a full curtain of chocolate over each tier. You will need to take the difference between the maximum amount your fountain will hold and the minimum it needs to flow to deliver the complete chocolate curtain. This number will be the amount of servable chocolate your guests will eat from before you start to lose the “curtaining” effect of the chocolate flow. Home fountains typically need at least 4lb of chocolate to avoid any gaps in the flow. They can generally hold up to 6lb of chocolate at any one time. But, of course, you can top up with melted chocolate as you go. need (and can take) more chocolate. Therefore, so it's best to check which model you have and refer to the user manual. Or you can who will happily advise you on chocolate quantities. As a general rule of thumb, 1lb of chocolate will 'feed' around 10 guests. So, for larger events, a should be sufficient for around 200 guests. Here at Sephra, we sell chocolate in microwaveable 2lb bags so you can melt it first to speed up the process.

Chocolate Fountain Capacities

The video below helps to explain the formula. In the meantime, here are some at-a-glance amounts:

Deeply dippy

From experience, we estimate each person will dip roughly three items about the size of a large strawberry or marshmallow. Not everyone will dip in the chocolate fountain and some people will dip more than others. We recommend you start off with more than the minimum your chocolate fountain needs because once guests start dipping, the flow will not be like the pictures (smooth and perfect). Instead, you will have gaps in the chocolate curtain. It's always better to have too much than not enough. Browsing in Europe? Check out our partners over a , they have their own as well!

Chocolate Mousse Recipe - Too Easy to Believe

I am always looking for ways to cut corners during the Christmas season without anyone noticing! If it's important to you to keep up with your holiday schedule and sneak in a few easy fixes - read on! We have some awesome Christmas recipes from Sephra’s kitchen!

Recipe: Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Always do one or two test cookies; let them cool and sample them. Then you can gauge if you need to bake less or longer, add more flour etc.

Pumpkin Cake - an easy alternative to Pumpkin Pie

[caption id="attachment_2362" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]

Pumpkin Cake makes a delicious alternative to Pumpkin Pie[/caption]   This Pumpkin Cake recipe makes a great Halloween or Thanksgiving treat – and an easy alternative to traditional Pumpkin Pie. It's one of the simplest recipes we know. And, we promise that whenever you decide to make it, your family, friends or customers will rave about it! It takes about 10 minutes to assemble and 40-45 minutes to bake.  

Pumpkin Cake recipe

[caption id="attachment_2366" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]You can use fresh pumpkin but canned will suffice[/caption]

For the Pumpkin Cake, you will need:

  • 1 large can of canned pumpkin (or you can use fresh if you like)
  • 3 beaten eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 ½ tsp. cinnamon
  • ½ tsp. nutmeg
  • ½ tsp. allspice
  • ¼ tsp. ginger
  • 1 packet yellow cake mix
  • 1 cup butter or margarine
  • 1 cup chopped nuts
[caption id="attachment_2367" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Serve with a hot drink for the ultimate afternoon tea[/caption]

To make the Pumpkin Cake:

For the best ever Pumpkin Cake, mix the first eight ingredients together and spread into a 9"x13" cake tin or dish. Sprinkle the yellow cake mixture over the top. Then melt the butter before drizzling over the mixture. Run a knife crosswise through the cake batter to get it to mingle a little better with the other ingredients. Then sprinkle the cup of nuts over the mixture. Bake at 360 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Serve warm with whipped or ice cream and a relaxing cup of tea!  

Did you know? 5 fun facts about pumpkins!

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes!
  • A pumpkin is actually a fruit rather than a vegetable so it works perfectly in a cake!
  • There are thought to be more than 45 different types of pumpkin although we are only familiar with a few
  • The US states which produce the most pumpkins every year include California, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania
  • Canned 'pumpkin' contains a variety of different squash and not just pumpkin
  • Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds contain lots of health boosting properties and are packed with vitamins that can help boost immunity.
For more pumpkin recipes, . You might also like... https://www.sephrausa.com/blog/halloween-snack-ideas/      

How to Choose the Best Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Any event that takes advantage of Sephra's is sure to dazzle guests with its elegant presentation and cascade of delicious chocolate. Sephra is known for providing chocolate fountain entrepreneurs with the highest quality chocolate fountains, as well as a decadent chocolate that's ready-made for the fountain. Click to find out why is so important compared to other chocolate fountains on the market. Chocolate fountains are user-friendly, and Sephra offers a model perfect for events of all sizes. To make sure you can please all your clients who request a Sephra chocolate fountain, read the following descriptions to decide which chocolate fountain (or combination) will best complement your business. Sephra Commercial Chocolate Fountain: Ultimate Presentation If you have clients who host large events or operate a venue that regularly hosts such events, like corporate parties or weddings, then you will want to offer them the Sephra 44-inch commercial chocolate fountain. It comes in a choice of 2 finishes: brushed or polished stainless steel for a sleek, contemporary look. It makes a striking centerpiece with 4 tiers of cascading chocolate. The Sephra holds up to 20 pounds of chocolate and will leave over 150 guests satisfied. Montezuma Chocolate Fountain: Perfect for Events Large and Small The Montezuma is a popular chocolate fountain rental, standing 34 inches tall with 3 tiers, making it suitable for events large and small. It also comes in the choice of brushed or polished food grade stainless steel, making it the perfect complement to a casual or formal affair. The Montezuma uses the same base as the Sephra, giving it the capability to hold 20 pounds of chocolate; however, it can hold as little as 12 pounds for parties of less than 150 people. Aztec and Cortez Chocolate Fountains: Beautiful Starters and Supplements The Aztec and Cortez commercial chocolate fountains offer the ability to stand alone or complement one of the larger chocolate fountains. The Aztec stands at 27 inches, uses 11 pounds of chocolate and serves between 75 and 150 guests. The Cortez is 23 inches tall, is easily transported, and yet still holds 10 pounds of chocolate, serving 50 to 75 guests. These smaller chocolate fountains are ideal both for small businesses just getting started in chocolate fountain rentals, as well as established businesses who would like to use one of these in conjunction with the Montezuma or Sephra to create a chocolate fountain arrangement at their next large event. All of these chocolate fountains include a removable basin for easy cleaning, a limited lifetime warranty, and are constructed with food grade stainless steel. Even better, Sephra's chocolate for chocolate fountains is ready for use without adding ingredients, making this an easy choice for convenience and quality. Choose the model that best suits the type and size of event you host, and it will not only pay for itself after a few rentals, but will keep your clients requesting one again and again!

Caramel apples - much easier to create using a chocolate fountain

[caption id="attachment_2422" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]

Caramel apples... synonymous with fall[/caption]   They might have been , but caramel apples are now synonymous with fall. Let's face it, can you think of many better ways to welcome in the harvest season than with a rich, buttery caramel apple freshly coated from the tree? If you want to host a fall harvest soiree this season, consider making apples your inspirational ingredient and caramel fondue the centerpiece!

Getting the caramel just right

[caption id="attachment_2417" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Delicious caramel apples for any occasion[/caption]   Caramel is delicious, but can be sticky, messy and difficult to keep its temperature, even when left in a pot on the stove. It requires you to stay near the pot to make sure the temperature and consistency stay perfect. If you need a large amount, you might even need to use multiple pots, which will prevent you from joining in the fun.

The benefits of using a chocolate fountain

[caption id="attachment_2425" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Let the chocolate fountain do all the hard work so you don't have to[/caption]   Thankfully, you can use your Sephra and let it create the perfect caramel consistency for a fall harvest party. By using your chocolate fountain, you'll be able to keep your caramel at the right temperature and consistency while actually enjoying your party. No one will be disappointed to find rock hard caramel or scalded, inedible caramel either. And using a home or commercial chocolate fountain will undoubtedly add a touch of gourmet to your fall harvest table.

More than dipped apples

[caption id="attachment_2428" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Drizzle warm caramel fondue over apple pie or crumble for the perfect finish [/caption]   Offer apple pie, crumble or turnovers made from organic green apples, such as Granny Smith, and ladle the warm caramel fondue over each slice. Round off the dessert offerings with a tray of fresh nuts, perhaps some covered in , and all of them perfect for dipping into the caramel fondue. Best of all, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy your efforts and your guests.

3 Festive Drink Recipes for Your Hot Beverage Fountain

This holiday season, warm up those cold nights with any of these three delicious and festive drink recipes: Sephra's hot chocolate, Christmas cider or eggnog. Try each recipe throughout the season as you entertain friends and family or simply choose your favorite to please your palette over and over again. Warm up Your Night with Sephra's Hot ChocolateYour hot beverage fountain is ideal for serving mug after mug of piping hot and delicious hot chocolate. The aroma alone will prompt at least one refill, so be sure to make enough for thirsty guests! Sephra's hot chocolate recipe for one calls for bringing 1 cup of milk (whole or low fat) to just below a boil before pouring over 1 cup of Sephra's premium dark chocolate chips, 1 tbsp. brown sugar, a ¼ tsp. cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. To make this recipe in your beverage fountain, multiply this recipe by the number of servings you want, and once the milk is poured over the ingredients and mixed well, add the deliciousness to the beverage fountain to keep the hot chocolate coming throughout the evening. Spread Christmas Cheer with Hot Christmas Cider It's easy to fill your house with the tempting scent of mulled Christmas cider, whether you're hosting a small get-together, decorating the Christmas tree or want to warm up your children after an afternoon of sledding. In a large pot, mix 2 quarts of apple cider with ¼ cup packed brown sugar, 1.2 tsp. salt and a pinch of nutmeg and heat. Then, place ½ tsp. whole allspice, 1 tsp. whole cloves and 1 cinnamon stick in cheesecloth and add to apple cider mixture. Add to your hot beverage fountain, along with a large quartered orange with peel, and you'll have a crowd in no time. Indulge in Holiday Eggnog You always have the option of purchasing your favorite store-made brand of eggnog and running the liquid through your beverage fountain, especially if you are hosting a party and want to keep the eggnog flowing. If you want to make eggnog, however, this recipe is easy and delicious. Simply combine 4 cups milk, 5 whole cloves, ½ tsp. vanilla extract and 1 tsp. cinnamon in a saucepan and slowly bring this mixture to a boil. Meanwhile in a separate bowl, combine 12 egg yolks with 1 ½ cups sugar and whisk vigorously until fluffy. Slowly whisk in the hot milk mixture and then pour everything back into the saucepan. Cook until thick (don't allow it to boil) and then strain out cloves and cool. Before you add the liquid to your beverage fountain, stir in 2 ½ cups light rum (optional), 4 cups cream, 2 tsps. vanilla extract and ½ tsp. nutmeg and set the beverage fountain on no heat. This rich and creamy addition will help make your holiday party a success!

3 Ways a Commercial Chocolate Fountain Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Commercial chocolate fountains are smart investments with lucrative returns due to the increasing popularity of both chocolate and chocolate fountains at events. People enjoy interacting with the fountain and the variety of food items provided to dip, creating a fun and delicious experience. In fact, there are three reasons why adding a commercial chocolate fountain to your business will increase your bottom line. High Return Potential Sephra commercial chocolate fountains often pay for themselves after a few rentals. This translates to greater profits for you since future chocolate fountain rentals thereafter become almost pure profit. This high return on your investment allows you to build your business more quickly and even expand due to an increased bottom line. Whether you are a caterer or operate a party venue or banquet hall, having Sephra chocolate fountain rentals available to clients will continue to impress and bring in profit. Customer Satisfaction In order to keep clients returning to you, you need to ensure their satisfaction with your services. Sephra's chocolate fountains command a high level of client satisfaction, which continues to help increase your bottom line with word of mouth referrals. In addition, your clients are essentially paying you to advertise your chocolate fountain displayed at their event for all their guests to use and enjoy. Economic, yet Elegant Display Sephra chocolate fountains are an economical way for clients to add elegance and pizzazz to a special event. The chocolate fountain is contemporary and sophisticated with the option for a brushed or polished stainless steel finish that attracts attention through a classy display. You can even offer clients the option of renting two fountains of varying sizes to create an even more eye-catching display and help feed an extra large crowd. Chocolate Fountains Pour Big Profits Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains have the added benefits of being user-friendly and offering a variety of kosher certified chocolate for its chocolate fountains. As more people become health conscious, the ability to offer a chocolate that is made with natural ingredients, instead of using hydrogenated oils, will increase its appeal among a variety of clients. Sephra's chocolate for chocolate fountains delivers all these benefits - and more! The fact that Sephra's chocolate for chocolate fountains is ready to use without adding ingredients will also increase its appeal, and subsequently, your bottom line. Offering a Sephra chocolate fountain will give you an edge over competitors without this asset, and the decadent fountains will continue to attract new business as more people are exposed to your business through clients who rent your chocolate fountain for their events.

Asian Recipes: Dinner Party Ideas with your Fondue Fountain

Your Sephra chocolate fondue fountain is good for so much more than just providing guests with a delicious dessert option. Your fondue fountain can even become the delicious centerpiece for an Asian inspired dinner party. Simply use one of two simple Asian recipes that will have your guests’ mouths watering. Sweeten the Pot With Sweet and Sour Sauce Fondue Sephra fondue fountains work well with homemade and store-bought products, so there is no need to slave over a homemade sweet and sour sauce for your Asian inspired dinner party. Instead, choose your favorite store brand, such as Minor’s Zesty Orange Sauce, which works well in the fondue fountain without needing to be thinned out with water. Other brands that also taste great include La Choy and Kikkoman, although these will need to be thinned out with a little bit of water to ensure they run smoothly through your fondue fountain.

To determine whether the sauce needs to be thinned, heat the sauce over medium heat, and then run it the viscosity funnel. You’ll need to thin the sauce if it takes longer than 10 seconds to run through. The largest home fondue fountain will hold 8 cups of sweet and sour sauce, which should be plenty to feed your hungry guests. Arrange a variety of Asian themed dipping treats, such as small egg rolls, spring rolls, and skewers layered with grilled shrimp, chicken and pork. Now you have a dinner that will be remembered! Blow Your Guests Away With a Thai-phoon Appetizer Fondue Fountain Our Thai-phoon appetizer fondue is a delicious concoction, perfect for an Asian inspired dinner party. The recipe is easy to create, tastes amazing, and complements a variety of dipping treats that are also easy to prepare. Simply mix together 3 to 4 liters of chicken stock, up to 1 liter of Thai chili sauce, cream of chicken soup undiluted to thicken the sauce, and caramel food coloring, which is optional to achieve your desired color. Once these are mixed together to your taste, heat over medium and prepare for guests to have their taste buds tantalized. Set out platters of shrimp fritters, grilled smoked sausages cut into bite size pieces, small chicken nuggets and potato rosettes. You might also arrange a platter of vegetable egg rolls and pork egg rolls to further tie in your Asian theme. Use a table runner with characters from an Asian language of your choice, and use bamboo dipping sticks whenever possible to simulate eating with chopsticks. Either one of these fondue fountains will ensure your Asian inspired dinner party is a delicious success!

Baby Shower Ideas with Chocolate Foundue Fountains

Create an Eye-Catching Commercial Chocolate Fountain Display to Show-Off

If you’ve never branched out to the baby shower market, then offer your commercial chocolate fountain services to a friend for her baby shower (if possible) and create a display that is easily adaptable to any themed baby shower. If you don’t have any leads on upcoming baby showers, visiting local baby stores and distributing an informational brochure is a great way to spread the word.
General baby shower themed displays could include a garland of pacifiers strung on yellow, pink or blue ribbon and a small baby bottle also tied with a matching ribbon as the topper. You could serve the dipping treats on antique white or cream platters and cake stands for traditional baby showers or have fun and “cradle” dipping treats in various sized white baskets that resemble bassinets. You could also use jars that resemble baby food jars in shape (but are larger) to hold confections like meringues and marshmallows. Once you have a suitable baby shower display, take some good photos for your commercial chocolate fountain portfolio to show potential clients and prepare for an open house.
Give Potential Clients Incentive to Choose Your Commercial Chocolate Fountain
Host a chocolate fountain fondue open house for mothers-to-be and their friends and set up a baby shower-ready chocolate fountain fondue display that will impress everyone with its style and the delicious chocolate fountain fondue. You may want to consider flowing white Sephra chocolate for chocolate fountains, as some moms-to-be may be concerned about the caffeine content present in milk chocolate.
You might also invite shop owners or small business owners who specialize in planning parties (like baby showers), including stationers and baby clothing and furniture stores. If you impress this group with your presentation and delicious chocolate fountain fondue, they’re more likely to recommend you to their clients. Another great way to connect with expectant mothers is to coordinate a chocolate event with a local baby store over a weekend where you set up your baby shower display and offer chocolate fountain fondue samples to customers. Of course, you can also offer a discount for booking a baby shower that day or for booking a consultation appointment that leads to a baby shower event.
Once you complete a few successful baby showers, word will get out about your commercial chocolate fountain baby showers, and soon clients will be coming to you!

Cheese and chocolate pairing - 5 matches made in heaven

Not everyone will jump at the idea of cheese and chocolate pairing, but foodies are starting to tune into this epicurean delight. Once you discover some great matches, the idea is perfect for your next dinner party.

Getting started

Cheese and chocolate are both so bold that the thought of pairing them might not immediately float your boat – or indeed whet your appetite. But teaming cheese up with chocolate can send your soiree off in a deliciously decadent direction. Pairing dark chocolate with a Brie wheel, for example, is a palatable and sophisticated way to start your chocolate and cheese adventure. A general rule of thumb is to choose a variety of chocolate from a well-known chocolate brand rather than what you would find at the checkout aisle in a grocery store. Visiting a specialty cheese shop can also help you get started if you tell the proprietor how you’d like to use the cheese. Ideal varieties include:
  • Vermont Butter and Cheese’s Bijou (an aged goat cheese)
  • triple cream cheese
  • Mahón Reserva aged paprika-rind sheep cheese
  • Valdéon cow’s milk blue cheese
It’s always a good idea to keep plenty of water and bread or crackers on hand to cleanse your palette between tastings. Most pairings are strong enough on their own without being influenced by your last tasting.

Cheese and chocolate pairing ideas

The Mahón and Valdéon, the two strongest cheese choices, pair well with Pierre Robert's mild creaminess meanwhile is lovely with a wider variety of chocolates. Other good pairing ideas include combining truffles with Portugal’s Azeitao sheep’s milk cheese. Dark chocolate truffles also go well with an Italian Naturale Taleggio, which is a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese. And a truffle rolled in cocoa powder will pair nicely with a soft cow’s milk cheese called Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam Triple Cream cheese. Finally, try pairing hazelnut praline dark chocolate truffle with a French goat’s milk cheese like Sevre and Belle. Not all your cheese and chocolate pairings will be a success, but tasting is half the fun! The other half is discovering a truly delicious pairing you can always turn to once the mood strikes. Take your time and try different amounts of the same cheese and chocolate pairing and take notes. Then, the next time you host a cheese and chocolate event, you can guide your friends on this exciting journey.

Chocolate candy recipes using Sephra Chocolate Melts

Sephra chocolate melts are not only perfect for making delicious treats like chocolate covered strawberries, but are also ideal for making fun chocolate candy delights in a variety of kid-friendly shapes. That's why Sephra suggests Wilton candy molds that make it easy to turn Sephra chocolate melts into race cars or heart lollipops whenever the mood strikes! Why Choose Sephra Chocolate Melts for Candy-Making

Sephra chocolate melts are available in dark, milk or white chocolate so that everyone’s cravings can be satisfied. Sephra chocolate melts are made using vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter and cocoa powder in lieu of chocolate liquor. This special combination enables them to harden quickly, ensuring your chocolate candy looks professional and tastes delectable!
Sephra chocolate melts are cost-efficient, meaning you no longer need to pay a fortune to produce professional-looking chocolate candy at home. Your guests might have difficulty believing that you didn’t purchase the chocolate candy from a high-end chocolate shop, and they will definitely be surprised to learn how economical Sephra chocolate melts really are.
Better yet, Sephra chocolate melts are microwave-safe, or they can be melted over the stove.
Of course, they can also be placed into a Sephra chocolate fountain for everyone to enjoy making chocolate candy using dipping treats. Sephra chocolate melts harden quickly around dipping treats, including fruit like fresh strawberries or orange slices, baked goods like blondie bites, and confections like marshmallows or meringues.
Sephra Chocolate Melts: Making Kid-Approved Candy
If you want to give a child the best birthday party around, then add Sephra chocolate melts to your birthday supply list. You can then create a variety of fun chocolate candy that not only looks great, but tastes delicious too!
Lots of candy molds avaliable which include race cars, smiley faces, butterflies, flowers, hearts and also letters and numbers so you can spell out the name of the birthday boy or girl in delicious Sephra chocolate. You can transform any of the candy molds into lollipops, or you can simply arrange the chocolate candy on serving dishes and watch them disappear into the mouths of happy children.
Sephra chocolate melts were also designed to use in Sephra chocolate fountains. You can let kids have fun dipping treats during the party and watching the chocolate harden to a shiny finish.
Sephra chocolate melts means endless fun for kids and adults alike. Sephra chocolate melts make dipping treats extra fun and ensures that anyone can make chocolate candy which rivals store-bought specialty candy. Sephra chocolate melts not only yield perfectly hardened chocolate coating, but taste as delicious as it looks!

Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas from Sephra

Sephra's delicious goodies aren't just ideal for perfecting the chocolate fountain experience! In fact, did you know that Sephra has all of the gourmet delicacies to create the perfect gift baskets for any occasion? Promotional Gift Basket Ideas If you want to promote an event, whether it's related to your chocolate fountain rental business or is designed to promote a client's event, consider raffling away chocolate-themed gift baskets. These gift baskets could include a trio of Sephra's Belgian chocolate mousse mix in dark and white chocolate, as well as the neutral flavor that allows the cook's creativity to shine. Then, add in Sephra's caramel cookies and vanilla crème cookies for the perfect accent for Belgian chocolate mousse. Don't forget a few of Sephra's free recipe cards so the lucky recipient can create decadent Belgian desserts at home. Business Gift Basket Ideas If you're hosting a business event, whether it's a corporate party, an employee achievement celebration or an open house, featuring a chocolate fountain at any of these events will help it be a delicious success. Offering chocolate-inspired gift baskets, either raffled off randomly or given to guest(s) of honor, is the perfect way to end an event. You could include Sephra's crème brulee mix, mini-caramel cookies, Sephra's Belgian dark and white chocolate, and recipe cards to truly whet the appetite. If you know the recipient will be a woman, consider including one of Sephra's chocolate-lovers aprons, such as a sleek black and white apron for the corporate executive or a fun brown and pink polka dot apron that will liven up the kitchen. Get Well Soon Gift Basket Ideas What better way to cheer up the spirits of an injured or sick friend, coworker or family member than by delivering a mouth-watering chocolate gift basket? Inside, there could be Sephra's chocolate-opoly game, which is played similar to Monopoly but will appeal to anyone's chocolate-loving side. Of course, along with the game should be some treats that will inspire a fast recovery, such as Sephra's colorful jammies (marshmallows), Belgian chocolate mousse mix and crème brulee/flan mix, plus mini-caramel cookies. "Just Because" Gift Baskets for Your Spouse Finally, a gift basket can be a fun and delicious excuse to indulge in chocolate for an evening in with your spouse. For your husband, consider including Sephra's crème brulee mix plus the butane culinary torch to get him excited about prepping dessert. For your wife, include Sephra's retro cherries apron and Belgian dark chocolate mousse mix to set a romantic mood. Chocolate-opoly would also make a fun addition to the gift basket because you can enjoy romantic chocolate desserts while playing together by candlelight. A gift basket filled with chocolate treats is always a good idea! Get creative and choose the perfect combination of chocolate and desserts so any recipient will go home happy.

Drinking Chocolate from Sephra Belgain Dark Chocolate

Drinking chocolate is more than just adding powdered chocolate mixture to boiling water or milk, largely because drinking chocolate has been around since Columbus was credited with “discovering” this exotic treat in the New World. Next time you are craving some hot chocolate, try a little homemade hot chocolate that will satisfy your lust for rich chocolate and warm you on a cold day. A Short History of Drinking Chocolate In 1502, Columbus first encountered the Aztecs drinking a strange brew made from cocoa beans, which come from the Theobroma tree native to tropical areas like Mexico, and translates as “Food of the Gods.” Columbus also observed Montezuma drink 50 cups of drinking chocolate each day, which he found incredible, especially since he found the drink too bitter. The Aztecs would roast the cocoa beans before grinding them into a paste. They then added chili peppers, vanilla and water to the chocolate paste. Although Columbus brought a sample of cocoa beans back to Spain, it wasn’t until Hernando Cortez brought cocoa beans back after 1520 that the Spanish started sweetening the paste by adding ingredients like sugar, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, orange flower, hazelnuts or almonds that they began to see the merit of these cocoa beans. Once milk or water was added to this fragrant and sweet chocolate paste, the popularity of drinking chocolate quickly spread throughout Europe.

Drinking Chocolate Like a True Chocolate Lover If you want to experience a truly chocolate drinking chocolate, then you’ll need quality ingredients, beginning with quality chocolate, such as Sephra chocolate. The type of chocolate your choose, such as semisweet, and the type of milk, such as whole vs. skim, makes a tremendous difference in the final taste of the drinking chocolate. For a basic cup of delicious hot drinking chocolate, combine 2 cups of milk, 3 ounces of chopped semisweet Sephra chocolate, 1 ounce of chopped Sephra milk chocolate and 1 teaspoon of white sugar (optional) in a saucepan and whisk until almost boiling. Remove from heat and either whip with an immersion blender for extra foam, or pour immediately into two mugs and top with a dollop of real whipped cream. For an extra kick, stir in a pinch of chili powder to your drinking chocolate, or if you’re a coffee lover as well, replace half the milk with freshly brewed coffee or espresso for a unique mocha flavor. You can also stir in a vanilla bean into your drinking chocolate mixture or stir with a cinnamon stick. That’s the beauty of making your own drinking chocolate using quality ingredients: the final taste is entirely up to you.

Restaurants Take Advantage of Chocolate Fountains to Increase Profits

Chocolate's popularity is undeniable, particularly in the younger and female demographics. To entice patrons, more restaurants are turning to chocolate to strengthen the profitability of their desert menus.

Chocolate Trends in Restaurants

One of the biggest trends in chocolate is mixing different types of chocolate into one dessert, such as juxtaposing white and dark chocolates. A popular restaurant in San Francisco offers a dessert comprised of semi-sweet and milk chocolate mousse to answer this trend, while an Atlanta restaurateur offers a triple chocolate cake. Another popular trend is pairing sweet and spicy, sweet and salty tastes, such as chocolate covered jalapeño peppers or chocolate cake with spiced pecans. To truly stand out from the other restaurants on the block, you can incorporate chocolate into your menu with a creative flair. There is a way to make a profit from offering chocolate desserts, attract attention with a unique spin on chocolate desserts, and incorporate the above trends of mixing tastes and chocolates: the chocolate fountain. How Chocolate Fountains Can Increase Profit Many restaurants worry about the time, labor and rising cost of cocoa, using these as an excuse not to offer a chocolate dessert or to offer small tastes of chocolate incorporated into other desserts, such as chocolate sauce drizzled over cheesecake. One way to eliminate some of these concerns is by having a chocolate fountain dessert table, like a dessert bar, that will entice customers to return again and again. Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains are easy to use, breaking down easily and quickly for storage, but just as easily reassembled. Sephra's chocolate for chocolate fountains is of the highest quality and is made specifically for their chocolate fountains with no additional ingredients necessary. You can easily set up more than one fountain to offer more different types of chocolate, such as dark and milk chocolate, or dark, milk and white chocolate. Then, offer various dipping treats such as strawberries, cherries, bananas, cheesecake, pound cake, pretzel sticks, brownies and small cookies. Any dessert currently featured on the menu that would pair well with chocolate could easily be cut into cubes for the chocolate fountain display. Now, you have virtually no labor worries since operating the fountain is simple and your customers do the work of choosing and dipping their own dessert. Sephra's chocolate fountains and chocolate for chocolate fountains are reasonably priced, and businesses often recoup its cost within several uses. Once they are paid for, your only cost will be the chocolate and dipping treats, which you'll factor into the dessert bar's cost. Plus, word of mouth describing the amazing and delicious chocolate fountain dessert bar will bring new business!  

Celebrating Summer with Chocolate Fountains

It’s essential for a chocolate fountain rental business to be able to offer seasonal plans for various types of events, especially during the summer when many people are in a more festive and relaxed mood and want to host various parties. Summer is usually hot, so offering dipping treats suited to the season is important. Cool Guests Off With Summer Inspired Dipping Treats Summer prompts many outdoor summer events or indoor/outdoor events, where the main event takes place inside, but there are outside spaces for guests to gather and mingle. No matter where the event will take place, it’s best to offer some seasonal dipping treats designed to cool down the palette, as well as please it. Fresh, cool fruit makes great dipping treats not only because so many delicious fruits are in season during the summer months, but because fruit tastes even better dipped in a chocolate fountain. Summer berries, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, threaded onto a skewer not only look attractive, but taste refreshing, even after dipped in decadent dark chocolate for chocolate fountains. Frozen banana slices also taste refreshing and fabulous after a dip in milk chocolate for chocolate fountains.

Cool Guests Off With a Chocolate Fountain and Ice Cream Another fun option for a summer party is setting up an ice cream station with a one, two or three flavors to choose from, plus a variety of toppings. Of course, the star of the topping section will be the chocolate fountain! What will taste more delicious drizzled on an ice cream sundae than warm, rich chocolate for chocolate fountains? You could offer white chocolate for chocolate fountains in addition to milk or dark chocolate for chocolate fountains so that guests can mix the two on top of their ice cream sundaes or choose just one to enhance their dish. White chocolate would taste especially delicious over a banana split, but would also enhance a mocha flavored ice cream. Additional toppings that not only taste delicious over ice cream but drenched in chocolate for chocolate fountains are walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, cherries, strawberries, whipped cream and marshmallows. This summer, be sure to have cool yet delicious and creative dipping treat options that not only taste even better when covered in chocolate from your chocolate fountain, but will help cool off guests during a hot summer evening – and help make the event stand out among guests and hosts alike.

Chocolate Fountain Ideas; Celebrate the Holidays with Eggnog, Marshmallow and Spices

The holidays are the perfect time to break out your chocolate fountain -- and the perfect time to spice up your fondue with some holiday pizzazz. Thankfully, Sephra has three great ways to do just that. You can serve eggnog dip, spiced holiday chocolate fondue, winter marshmallow cream fondue -- or all three!

Enrich the Holidays With Eggnog Dip for the Fondue Fountain
You might consider putting holiday eggnog into your fondue fountain instead of drinking it this year once you discover how simple and delicious Sephra’s recipe for eggnog dip is.
Eggnog dip is simple four boxes of instant vanilla pudding combined with a little nutmeg, vanilla extract and an extra four cups of milk to help it run smoothly through the fondue fountain. This recipe is designed to run on no heat, so be sure to refrigerate any of the eggnog dip that you aren’t using.
An array of goodies taste even better once dipped into the rich eggnog dip, including gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, mini pumpkin muffins, chocolate pound cake bites and apple slices, just to add a healthy touch to the dessert table.
Warm up the Holidays With Spiced Holiday Chocolate Fondue
Dark chocolate for chocolate fountains taste even better for the holidays by adding warm, fragrant holiday spices to the chocolate for chocolate fountains. Although guests usually don’t need to be asked twice to partake in chocolate fondue, the inviting aroma of dark chocolate mixed with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and all spice will have everyone out of their seats and clambering around the dessert table for a taste of your spiced holiday chocolate fondue.
Once you add the above spices to four pounds of Sephra dark chocolate, let the chocolate fountain do the rest as it runs the spiced chocolate mixture through the fountain. Fresh fruit like strawberries and bananas will taste even better covered in spiced holiday chocolate fondue, as well baked goods like sugar cookies, pound cake bites and pumpkin muffins.
Brighten the Holidays With Winter Marshmallow Cream Fondue
Who won’t enjoy dipping treats into winter marshmallow cream fondue this holiday season? Once you mix whole milk with several bags of marshmallows on the stove, Sephra’s fondue fountain takes care of the rest. Simply keep the fondue fountain setting on low or medium heat and adjust the consistency by adding milk as necessary.
Once your winter marshmallow cream fondue is flowing nicely, arrange dipping treats like chocolate covered pretzel sticks, brownie bites, sugar cookies and banana slices around the fondue fountain and enjoy eating and celebrating the holidays with friends and family.

Chocolate Fountain Rental Business: Protect Your Company With NSF/ANSI Sanitation Standards

When you operate a chocolate fountain rental business, you must adhere to sanitation and health regulations to remain in good standing. If you are looking for peace of mind, then choose Sephra's products and commercial chocolate fountains. Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains are the only ones in the industry that meet NSF/ANSI sanitation standards. Complying With NSF/ANSI Standards According to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), it's important for food companies, like chocolate fountain rental companies, to volunteer to have their equipment certified. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires that food equipment conform to NSF/ANSI sanitation requirements before being sold in North America. The NSF developed these sanitation standards and lets companies voluntarily undergo their assessment program. This program tests and certifies the food equipment, as well as audits production facilities, to ensure that all the standards are met or exceeded. A company does not simply go through this process once, but is subjected to annual audits to verify that the same high standards that earned the company a registered NSF Certification Mark continue to be met. All of Sephra's chocolate fountains meet NSF/ANSI sanitation requirements and are tested each year to ensure that chocolate fountain production is still impeccable. Quality control is important to the NSF and to Sephra. Purchasing your chocolate fountains from Sephra will give you peace of mind and the ability to assure venues such as hotels and restaurants that you are qualified to serve their guests. Risks of Non-Compliance Any business which serves food and drink to the public is under pressure to conform to local and state sanitation guidelines. Your business is open to the health department for inspection whenever they choose, and you must cooperate. If you have a registered NSF Certification Mark to show those health inspectors, you can rest easy that they will be impressed and rate your business accordingly. Chocolate fountain rental businesses which don't comply, yet continue to rent equipment for events, are subject to strict non-compliance penalties if discovered. If anyone gets sick as a result of a non-certified chocolate fountain, the chocolate fountain rental business owner becomes liable for all damages and can lose his license to operate. The best way to avoid this fate? Use Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains because you can confidently assure your clients that your chocolate fountains are routinely approved by NSF/ANSI regulations!

Chocolate Fountain Rental Ideas: 4 Holiday Specials to Offer Your Clients

Although many corporations are slimming down their holiday budgets, your chocolate fountain rentals can still continue to flow festively! Give your budget-minded clients a reason to choose a rental for their holiday party by offering enticing holiday specials. Chocolate Fountain Rental Bonus: Free Fruit Platter People love to feel like they are getting something for nothing, and your chocolate fountain rental clients are no different. Offer a complimentary fruit platter with every commercial chocolate fountain rental, and don't forget to have samples or photos (mostly for new clients) so they fully understand your delicious offer. For example, to tie in with the holiday season, you can include skewered cranberries along with the tried and true banana, strawberry and pear slices. Decorate the platter with a few festive holly leaves. Two Chocolate Fountains Are Better Than One: 25% Discount For large holiday parties, entice your chocolate fountain rental clients to indulge in two chocolate fountain rentals by discounting the second rental by 25%. This is not only a great deal for your clients, but is a great way for you to show off the versatility of a chocolate fountain rental by offering two types of chocolate, such as dark and white chocolate for chocolate fountains, with a greater range of dipping treats. Also, encourage your clients to make your fountain the dessert to help cut down the catering budget. After all, with two delicious chocolate fountain rentals, who needs extra dessert? Win a Small Chocolate Fountain Rental If you want to attract big corporate clients and additional chocolate rental business, offer to host a raffle at their corporate holiday party of 200 people or more. Jump start the holiday season by raffling off a small chocolate fountain rental to a lucky attendee. This could apply to any large holiday gathering, but corporate parties love to give employees an incentive to attend, as well as make everyone feel appreciated. You might even sell some gift certificates for a chocolate fountain rental to honor someone who's retiring or just received a big promotion. The possibilities are endless once you open their eyes and taste buds to the wonderful world of chocolate fountains! Satisfy Thirsty Guests with a Complimentary Beverage Fountain Rental Finally, accentuate those chocolate-dipped treats with a complimentary beverage fountain rental with a chocolate fountain rental. Offer a choice of several holiday beverages, such as eggnog, mulled cider or hot chocolate. The beverage fountain could be the specialty drink of the evening and be offset with water, coffee and iced tea, which will help your client's budget and make choosing a chocolate fountain rental the most economic and delicious choice for a holiday party.

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