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Sephra Chocolate Fountain User - Frequently Asked Questions

Owning a chocolate fountain can be an extremely fun and profitable experience. However, there are important things you need to know when you are considering buying a chocolate fountain or renting one. Below you will find information about the chocolate fountains in general as well as specific questions about chocolate fountain operation, chocolate use, and other useful information.

At Sephra, customer service is always our top priority. If you have a question about the Sephra chocolate fondue fountains, or chocolate fountains in general, please contact us! We have a very knowledgeable team who can help you with everything from setting your fondue fountain up, to ideas that can help promote your chocolate fountain rental business!

Why should I buy a Chocolate Fountain?

What makes Sephra Chocolate Fountains different?

What is the warranty on Sephra Chocolate Fountains?

Are Chocolate Fountains difficult to assemble?

Are Chocolate Fountains difficult to clean?

Can I use any Chocolate in my Fountain?

What is the difference between Sephra's fondue chocolate and other chocolate?

Can I use the Sephra fountains to melt the chocolate?

How much chocolate do I put into the fountains?

What foods can I dip in the chocolate?

What do I do if the chocolate has hardened in the fountain?

Can I re-use the Chocolate?

How many people do Sephra Chocolate Fountains serve?

Can I use Sephra Chocolate Fountains outside?

If my Chocolate Fountain is not working how do I fix it?

How should I store my Chocolate?

Is my Chocolate good AFTER the best before date?

All of our chocolate has a best before date on it. We guarantee that your chocolate will work in the fountain if the melting instructions are followed and not have to add any oil to thin it out if used before the Best before date.

Here are some helpful tips to see if your chocolate is still good to eat and use if past the best before date:

  1. Storage of chocolate is very important. Store chocolate in a cool, dry place preferrably dark as well.
  2. The more chocolate is exposed to light the shorter the product will stay good after the best before date.
  3. Dark is the least sensitive to light and can easily stay good 6-12 months after the best by date. It will just lose some of its cocoa taste, or taste less chocolaty.
  4. Milk chocolate can stay good 4-6 months past the best before date if stored correctly.
  5. White chocolate can stay good 3-5 months past the best by date if stored correctly.
  6. The milk powder in Milk and White chocolate oxidizes gradually under the effect of light and air.
  7. The longer you can keep chocolate in closed packaging in the dark, the longer you can keep it.


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